One sommer day in july..

The day started by the sun shining trew the curtains and woke us upp a little too early on a day off. But we used the time well by whatching cartoons =)
After a very simple breakfast we took off. Down town. We've found a very very cool tent on the internet that we where suppose to bye for our Eurotrip, but they where out of them in the two stores in town.. But we WILL get that cool tent :D

Then an icecream on the way.. I went home and Robert went to work. Thank god (or maybe myself ;P) that I brought an ambrella though a typical swedish summer is not to trust! It startet to rain, just because I decided to walk the way back home..
And here I am, just woke up after an involuntary powernap to one chapter of the Simpsons. But now Family Guy :D after a niiice salmon dinner!

And tomorrow work again, but in the city this time.. it's good with some change sometimes =)

Summer is soon over, and it feels like it almost started. I guess it's just that I'we been working the whole summer, but my vacation will come :D but in september, but that doesn't matter at all.

And here; a picture taken a mild summerevening <3


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